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Stay Awesome. Produce Excellence. Thank God For Today. Repeat Tomorrow. 


Bouquets by Bender

for the Adventures of Life

(link to Bouquets by Bender website)


Curt created Bender’s Big Screen Adventures to help brick and mortar establishments drive revenue to their businesses and provide entertainment to attendees while following social distancing guidelines.

Bender’s Big Screen Adventures services private parties, concerts, watch parties and any event where a big screen is helpful. 

(link to Bender’s Big Screen Adventures, LLC website)

Select Interests

 Neuro Linguistic Programming

-My first NLP technique, An Exercise In-Perspective.

 Deaf Culture

-I am in search of an ASL buddy in Tallahassee, FL. Please drop a line if you speak ASL (or would like to learn ASL) and would like to meet up for coffee and sign two to three times a month.


-I am President of the Seminole Toastmasters Club. Check it out: Seminole Toastmasters Club.

 Writing Stuff

-Check out the latest draft of “The New Entrepreneur’s Get-Started Toolkit." 

 Always up for an adventure

-Would you like to colloborate on an adventure? Let me know if you’d like to colloborate on something I am already doing, or better yet, colloborate on a new adventure.


Curtbender@firmawesome.com | (407) 467-7278